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The Systec D-range for Simple, Safe Autoclaving up to 5bar/150° C

The new Systec D-Series autoclaves from Don Whitley Scientific have been specifically developed to meet the sterilisation needs of today's laboratory. Introducing a range of innovative features, the new bench-top units represent a major advance in design and performance.

Manufactured by autoclave specialists Systec, the D-range comprises four completely new models, varying in capacity from 65 -150 litres. Carefully designed to simplify operation and maximise safety, the compact units incorporate clever mechanical features and sophisticated electronics to ensure high quality sterilisation every time.

With enhanced safety features, the new models are the first of their kind to be designed for higher pressures and temperatures. The standard pressure chamber operates up to 5bar/150° C, making it suitable for prion work. A novel system of steam generation and condensation improves the speed and accuracy of the sterilisation cycle, maximising efficiency and convenience. For even faster operation, a range of optional rapid cooling systems is also available, offering up to 90% faster cooling.

An optional integrated printer provides immediate documentation for recording batch and sterilisation details. Validation information can also be downloaded to a PC and windows compatible software is available for comprehensive data manipulation and diagnostic protocols.

The Systec D-range has an autoclave to meet all laboratory requirements, offering the flexibility and performance for current and future applications.

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Posted on July 4, 2005