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A Smashing Improvement for Laboratory Blending

Following the huge success of the Smasher blender from AES Chemunex, exclusive UK distributor Don Whitley Scientific is pleased to introduce a new improved version of the device for use in microbiology laboratories.

With all the benefits of the original Smasher, it now comes with quick-release paddles that make it even easier to clean.

The innovative paddles can be removed in seconds, without using any tools, to allow easy access for efficient disinfection. With a wide opening door, integrated waste drawer for collection of spillages and rounded corners, the blending chamber can be cleaned with minimal effort. The leak-proof chamber´s robust surfaces are also resistant to chemical damage from cleaning agents.

Around 20 times quieter than other blenders, Smasher applies its patented ‘SMASH´ effect to quickly crush samples. The mixing speed is automatically adjusted to ensure perfect homogenisation every time. Hard and bulky samples can be handled easily as the device sets the correct paddle position for each sample bag, avoiding jams and the need for operator intervention.

Cycles from 10 - 180 seconds or a continuous blending option can be selected using the digital keypad, while the LCD screen allows constant monitoring of the blending duration and speed.

Steve Robertson, Sales Director at Don Whitley Scientific comments 'We are thrilled to offer this improved version of Smasher and believe the quick-release paddles will be welcomed by laboratory staff. Smasher forms part of a range of sample preparation apparatus, securing DWS as leading supplier of innovative equipment and services to the microbiology industry and demonstrates our commitment to making microbiologists´ lives easier.'

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Posted on November 11, 2008