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A New ASpecT to Modern Microbiology - Fully Automated Inoculating and Streaking

ASpecT - Automated Inoculation and Streaking
Don Whitley Scientific have announced the launch of ASpecT, a fully-automated inoculating and streaking device for the clinical laboratory.

The system efficiently processes liquid samples for microbiological analysis using up to nine types of culture media simultaneously.

Designed to handle a diverse range of specimen types including bacteriology swabs and urine samples, ASpecT can help busy microbiology laboratories manage increasing workloads.
The machine de-caps, inoculates, streaks, labels and then re-caps samples without operator intervention. By managing laborious and repetitive work, ASpecT frees valuable staff resources for more specialist tasks.

Samples transported in Cary-Blair liquid media and using the ESwab collection and delivery system are easily processed. ESwab automatically elutes the entire swab sample into liquid phase, meaning throat, nasal and wound swabs can be handled as simply as urine samples.

ASpecT uses three metal loops to inoculate the plates, enabling maximum speed for plate streaking and eliminating any cooling delay between sterilisation. A variety of standardised streak patterns are available, as well as the option for complete customisation. The loop system is the only consumable part of ASpecT, performing approximately 45,000 streakings before it needs to be changed.

With user-friendly touch screen control and a universal barcode reader that drives the whole process, ASpecT fully integrates with your LIMS software or can operate as a stand-alone system.

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Posted on October 1, 2008