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Don Whitley Scientific - Master of Perfect Media Preparation

The new AES Masterclave 60 automatic media preparator from Don Whitley Scientific has been created to meet the key customer needs of reliability, reproducibility, safety and economy.

Cycle settings guarantee reproducibility from batch to batch and the massive 60L capacity allows ANY media or diluent to be prepared in bulk, producing an immediate saving over ready-to-use solutions. The simplicity of the Windows inspired programming screens and the ease with which the Masterclave 60 can be cleaned, result in a no-nonsense walk-away procedure.

Ideal for large public health and hospital laboratories as well as more diverse media laboratories requiring greater flexibility, the Masterclave 60 can be programmed to add media supplements at precisely the right temperature. Up to 40 preparation programs can be stored and there is a choice of three different cycles to cater for any type of media. There is even a useful temperature compensation for big volume additions.

Uniquely, the lid is fixed on a swivelling arm that lifts effortlessly via a gas jack and the preparator is completely mobile and sports four wheel brakes for secure positioning. In accordance with European directives, the vessel and components have been pressure tested and safety features such as an altuglas cover prevent access to hot surfaces during the cycle. For total peace of mind, first level safety such as lid locking is controlled by the microprocessor.

Reproducibility can be accurately monitored and recorded by either using the on-board serial ticket printer or connection to a PC. The Masterclave 60 is Labmaster compatible and there is also a facility to connect to a bar code reader for rapid batch processing. The Masterclave 60 can also be connected to Don Whitley Scientific's APS300 media dispenser or the Dilumat 4, for a total system solution.

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Posted on September 1, 2003