Mercks new dehydrated chromocult listeria selective agar according to iso 11290

Image Listeria monocytogenes on ChromoCult® Listeria Selective Agar

Merck is pleased to announce the introduction of a new dehydrated chromogenic medium, ChromoCult® Listeria Selective Agar. This medium is used for the detection of Listeria and completes Merck's product portfolio for Listeria analyses. Listeria is widespread in nature and there are only a few foods where it is not found. Cheese, sausage, sliced packed salmon and smoked fish, salads and chilled convenience foods are all at particular risk of infection.

As Listeria monocytogenes is the most pathogenic of the species, testing for L. monocytogenes is mandatory. Merck's new ChromoCult® Listeria Selective Agar (Base) 100427.0500 with Supplements 100432.0010 and 100439.0010 increase the reliability of detecting this microorganism.


  • Best value for money - Reliable, fast and safe detection of Listeria monocytogenes with a chromogenic medium at a comparable price of only 1.12 € per plate
  • Highest reliability - The formulation of Listeria Selective Agar allows the detection of all Listeria strains within 24 to 48 hours. Even L. monocytogenes strains having weak phospholipase C activity can be reliably detected.
  • Easy to use - Interpretation is easy because only Listeria monocytogenes appears as blue-green colonies surrounded by a halo, while other Listeria species only appear blue-green, accompanying flora is inhibited.
Available Products Merck Cat. No.
Chromocult® Listeria Selective Agar
Listeria Agar Selective Supplement
Listeria Agar Enrichment Supplement
FRASER Selective Supplement

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Posted on May 30, 2007