Fast and Quantitative Detection of Legionella with ScanVIT


With ScanVIT-Legionella vermicon has developed a further product, which redefines the possibilities for detecting Legionella. This bacteria can be identified and quantified in water samples within 2 to 3 days.

The detection is absolutely specific: all species that belong to the genus Legionella are unequivocally identified and quantified. Additionally, all L. pneumophila strains are detected and quantified.

The ScanVIT-Legionella test takes 3 hours with a hands-on time of approximately 30 minutes. The product is based on the proven and reliable VIT gene probe technology and is the first product in the new ScanVIT product line to be launched. The ScanVIT-technology allows the filtration of liquid samples and the identification and quantification of the organisms.

ScanVIT-Legionella is the only product available worldwide that can detect Legionella in water samples in such a short time and also detects all species belonging to the genus Legionella. The results of the test are available on the 3rd day after taking the sample and offer the user the advantage of speed and accuracy .

The conventional detection method for Legionella takes between 10 and 14 days and is often not specific enough. Other modern methods are also hard pushed to offer the same speed and accuracy as ScanVIT. The product is offered as a scanner or a microscope version. The analysis of the results is undertaken either with a scanner or a fluorescent microscope.

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Posted on March 3, 2004