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Simultaneous detection of E.coli and coliforms in Food and Water

RAPID´E.coli2 agar RAPID'E.coli 2
with food sample

RAPID´E.coli 2 agar is AFNOR validated according to ISO 16140 protocol to enumerate E.coli and coliforms on the same plate at 37°C, without any further confirmation of characteristic colonies.

RAPID´E.coli 2 agar is a new generation culture medium for the direct enumeration of both E.coli and coliforms in foodstuffs and water.

Selectivity and electivity are based on the detection of glucuronidase and galactosidase activities. Hydrolysis of chromogenic substrate results in purple to pink E.coli colonies (gluc+/gal+) and blue-green coliform colonies(gluc-/gal+).

The new RAPID´E.coli 2 supplement needed for water analysis, inhibits interfering Gram-negative flora, which can be found in large numbers in waters. RAPID´E.coli 2 has been approved by AFNOR for the enumeration of E.coli at 37° and at 44°C, and for the enumeration of coliforms at 37°C in meat, dairy, vegetable and fish products.

- One plate only to enumerate E.coli and coliforms
- RAPID´E.coli is an in depth method and needs only one layer.
- Selective and very good correlation with the standards

AFNOR certification:
BRD 07/1-07/93 Valid until: 02/12/2008
BRD 07/7-12/04 Valid until: 02/12/2008
BRD 07/8-12/04 Valid until: 02/12/2008

RAPID'E.coli 2
with water sample

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Posted on February 2, 2004