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Detect CRP with the New AFINION Point-of-Care Center

The recently launched AFINION Point-of-Care Center from Axis-Shield, is compact, robust and has high-sensitivity. The AFINION is targeted particularly at the growing doctor's office market in the USA, Europe and Japan, and the first instruments and tests will be launched in the second half of 2004.

Initially the system will perform tests currently sold under Axis-Shield's successful NycoCard banner but in a fully automated, low cost and rapid format with results complete in three to five minutes per test, depending on the parameter being measured. Only small volume samples of whole blood are required, thus removing the requirement for venepuncture and a qualified phlebotomist or doctor.

The unique menu will be expanded to include many markers where there is a clinical and logistical benefit in testing in the presence of the patient, for improved disease management, with the facility for full connectivity with the central laboratory and remote health care professionals. The first two tests on Afinion will be glycated haemoglobin, also known as Hb1Ac, for monitoring diabetic control, and CRP for differentiating bacterial and viral infections.

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Posted on November 24, 2003