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Accurate and Reliable Identification of E. coli

The recent out break of E. coli has highlighted the need for efficient and accurate identification of E. coli.

Microgen Bioproducts GNA-ID will identify all commonly encountered Enterobacteriaceae, including E. coli, after 24 hours incubation from a primary isolation plate using a 12 substrate biochemical identification panel. The Microgen GNA-ID is inoculated using a single colony which can be taken directly from a wide range of selective, non selective and chromogenic agar plate media. There is no need to test colonies from a purity plate.
As with all the Microgen-ID systems, the easy-to-use strips of the identification system provides the reliability associated with conventional biochemical tests, plus the interpretation of results is provided with an easy-to-use computer database employing up-to-date taxonomy, with regular updates to the software available for customers registered as software users.

The Microgen GNA-ID can also be combined with a second 12 substrate identification panel, the Microgen GNB-ID, to identify a wide range of oxidase-positive Gram-negative organisms making the Microgen GNA+B-ID system a flexible and cost-effective biochemical system for all Gram-negative organisms.

Microgen Bioproducts also manufactures an easy-to-use one step, latex agglutination test for the specific identification of E. coli 0157. This latex agglutination test confirms that E.coli strains are serogroup O157 therefore potentially EHEC. The Microgen E. coli O157 Latex provides results in under two minutes and can be used directly from a range of selective plate media and even with mixed cultures.

To view the full range of Microgen Bioproducts products please visit or email info@microgenbioproducts.con

Microgen Bioproducts is part of the Lab21 group of companies.

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Posted: June 7, 2011
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