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MicroBioLogics and NCIMB Partner for World-wide Distribution of NCIMB Strains

MicroBioLogics, Inc. together with NCIMB Ltd. of Aberdeen, Scotland, UK have announced, a further expansion of their business relationship in the supply of microbiology products across the globe.

The companies recently joined forces to provide authentic NCIMB derived reference strains through the MicroBioLogics® License and Supply Program. New expansion plans include utilizing the MicroBioLogics authorized distributor network of nearly 130 companies worldwide to supply NCIMB original reference cultures. Now, MicroBioLogics authorized distributor customers will have rapid access to reference cultures from NCIMB, an internationally acclaimed culture collection.

Dr. Peter Green, Curator of NCIMB states, 'Secure and safe distribution of microbial cultures worldwide is heavily regulated requiring costly packaging to meet stringent IATA regulations. While we welcome the need for safety and security in supplying microbial cultures our customers bear these additional costs. The agreement with MicroBioLogics allows us the opportunity to pass on cost savings in packaging and shipment charges through a consolidated ordering process to our mutual customers.'

MicroBioLogics Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Robert Coborn explains, 'MicroBioLogics has a network of experienced distributors in more than 100 countries serving all microbiology markets. Our agreement with NCIMB ensures that customers around the world have a local contact to assist them in order placement, importation and customs clearance. Selling NCIMB original strains opens new doors for MicroBioLogics. This opportunity allows us to expand our product offering while further developing our customer base in the bioscience industry to include Research and Educational Institutions.'

Since its beginning in the early 1950's, NCIMB has continued to achieve significant growth as a culture collection. They specialize in industrial, food and marine organisms and manage more than 7,750 strains of bacteria, actinomycetes, plasmids and bacteriophages making NCIMB the leading reference collection for environmental bacteria in the UK.

NCIMB Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Barry Philpott explains, 'We are very excited about this expansion of our relationship with MicroBioLogics. Both companies have quality and customer satisfaction at their heart. We can now offer our customers the combined expertise of nearly 80 years of business, giving complete assurance of quality and traceability for greater customer satisfaction.'

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Posted: April 13, 2009
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