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A Complete Legionella Detection Package - Easy, Fast and Reliable

Merck Legionella Media
Combining the benefits of Merck's Dehydrated Culture Media for Legionella detection with the sophistication of Duopath® Legionella to keep water systems safe.

Legionella are bacteria which are present in nearly all aquatic biotopes of fresh water and all Legionella species are potential harmful to human. With more than 1000 people dying every year from Legionella infections, lab professionals need simple and effective testing system for these organisms, thus safeguarding water kept at warm temperatures and water used in technical systems.

The Merck Legionella Package combines Merck's Dehydrated Culture Media and Duopath® Legionella.

Benefits of the Merck Legionella Package
  • Easy to use

  • Rapid and reliable results

  • Provides a high degree of protection

  • Perfect matched for identification of Legionella spp and Legionella pneumophila

Legionella thrive in water temperatures between 30°C and 45°C as well as water stored for longer periods, Legionella pneumophila can cause Legionnaires' disease and Pontiac fever. The Merck Legionella Package is ideal for detecting and enumerating Legionella in water systems such as:

  • Industrial areas such as cooling towers of power plants and systems for aerosol production

  • Warm water supply systems of public facilities such as hospitals and hotels

  • Showers in camps and military sites

The use of Merck´s Dehydrated Culture Medium for detection of Legionella allows safe and reliable enumeration of Legionella whilst the Duopath® Legionella immunoassay can be used for confirmation of suspect colonies, allowing the simultaneous identification of all Legionella species and of its most prominent species Legionella pneumophila with the same device.

Legionella product portfolio according to ISO 11731

MERCKOPLATE® for convenience detection and enumeration. Ready to use and an alternative for the discontinued Combi Pack 1.10425.0001
Product code


1.10097.0020 MERCKOPLATE® Legionella BCYE Agar 20 plates per pack
1.10098.0020 MERCKOPLATE®Legionella GVPC Agar 20 plates per pack

Dehydrated culture media and supplements for classical detection, enumeration and confirmation. Alternative for Legionella CYE Agar base 1.10242.0001.
Product code


1.10242.0500 Legionella CYE Agar base 500g
1.10240.0010 Legionella BCYE growth supplement 10 vials for 5 litre Legionella BCYE agar
1.10241.0010 Legionella GVPC selective supplement 10 vials for 5 litre Legionella GVPC agar

Duopath® Legionella for fast detection and confirmation
Product code Description Presentation
1.04147.0001 Duopath® Legionella 25 lateral flow immunoassay tests

For further information about Merck Legionella Package please contact Merck Millipore (see details above) or EMD Chemicals in the USA or click the link below.

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Posted: April 27, 2009
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