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Copan Diagnostics, Inc. archived news list

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Hamilton regional acquires copans wasplab full lab automation system
Next generation full lab automation and digital bacteriology system
Wasp id disc application for complete automation in specimen setup
Utm available this flu season
Copan offers free educational respiratory sample collection videos
Another patent granted to copan in the us for its flocked swabs invention
Compact wasplab to be unveiled at aacc
Clinical study finds eswab superior collection and transport for gbs
Track system for continuous feeding of specimens into wasp
Copan works with healthcare providers to develop training tools for mrsa surveillance programs
Copan produces cdc joint commission educational specimen collection videos
Us patent office grants copan invention of flocked swabs
Revisiting best practices for respiratory virus testing as flu season draws near
Copan wasp lands at prestigious boston medical center
China grants copan patent for flocked swabs
Floqswabs by copan conclusively yield better accuracy and detection of s aureus than traditional fiber swabs
Copan secures japanese patent for its flocked swab innovation
Copan redefines automated specimen processing with new features
Copan installs milestone 30th walk away specimen processor wasp
Copan secures additional patent for its flocked swab innovation
Automated gram slide preparation from copan diagnostics
Flocked swabs proven superior in sample uptake and release
New asm algorithm for flu a recommends nasopharyngeal flocked swabs
Copan announces multimillion expansion for us pipet manufacturing operations
Studies validate multipurpose capability of copan eswab
Cdc recommends flocked swabs and copan manufactured vtm for h1n1
Copan offers kit for swine flu sample collection
Vancouver general implements wasp walk away specimen processor
Sunquest and geisinger implement clinical microbiology lab model for 21st century
Training material facilitates proper nasopharyngeal sample collection
First us microbiology lab to use automated specimen processing instrument
Wasp a new revolutionary system for automatic planting and streaking of microbiology samples
Eswab new liquid based transport system for microbiology with flocked swabs
New minitip flocked swabs improve respiratory virus diagnostics

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