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New Minitip Flocked Swabs Improve Respiratory Virus Diagnostics

Minitip Flocked Swabs New Minitip Flocked Swabs Improve Respiratory Virus Diagnostics, Collect and Release More Sample Material Reducing QNS Rejection

Copan have launched three new styles of plastic minitip swabs with heads that are manufactured using unique flocking technology. This new innovation in sample collection swabs is patented by Copan worldwide. Copan minitip Flocked Swabs are very hydrophilic and absorb and release more liquid sample volume compared to traditional fiber winded minitip swabs. The process of flocking sprays thousands of short nylon fibers onto an applicator tip in a perpendicular fashion. When the swab is used liquid sample is rapidly absorbed between adjacent nylon strands by capillary action and is then instantaneously and automatically eluted once the swab tip is placed in viral transport medium.

Unlike traditional fiber winded swabs Flocked Swabs release their entire sample rapidly and immediately. The Flocked Swab tips also have a distinctive velvet brush-like texture which is extremely advantageous for respiratory virus diagnostics as this enables the swab to more effectively dislodge and collect virus infected cells lining the nasopharynx.

Independent studies have demonstrated that Copan Flocked Swabs collect more respiratory epithelial cells compared to regular fiber winded swabs which provides better quality samples, significantly reduces sample rejection due to Quantity Not Sufficient (QNS) and allows earlier diagnosis of respiratory virus infections by rapid Direct Fluorescent Antibody microscopy.

Traditional Fiber Swab Flocked Swab Flocked Swab
Traditional Fiber Swab
Sample diffuses and becomes trapped in the fiber mattress
Flocked Swab
Liquid sample stays close to the surface and elutes out rapidly and spontaneously
Flocked Swab
Velvet brush-like texture efficiently dislodges and collects infected respiratory epithelial cells.

Improved sample collection with Flocked Swabs provides a more convenient, less invasive and less traumatic system for collecting nasophyarngeal samples compared to nasal washes and nasopharyngeal aspirates.

Copan Minitip Flocked swabs are available in three different styles Regular Minitip, Flexible Shaft Minitip and Ultra-Thin Minitip to suit different physician preferences. All three models comprise of plastic shafts that feature molded breakpoints which allow the physician or nurse to simply break the swab off into a transport medium tube. The product is available sterile in peel pouches or in dry pre-labeled transport tubes.
Nasophyarngeal Sample Collection

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Posted on November 15, 2007