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ATCC archived news list

The most recent items are listed first

Boost your influenza research with atcc virology collection
Rapid detection of respiratory viruses
Ensure the quality of your antimicrobial preservatives
Atcc mycobacterium tuberculosis dna new
Atcc launches aspergillus fumigatus drug testing panel
Atcc synthetic west nile virus rna standard new
Atcc launches methylobacterium extorquens for pharma water testing
Atcc synthetic norovirus rna for food amp water
Atcc enterococcus faecalis quantitative dna standard for water testing
Atcc launches new ndm 1 reference strains
Atcc ndm 1 strains now available
Atcc pneumococcal polysaccharides in elisa
Develop and qualify your salmonella detection methods with atcc
Studying exserophilum rostratum associated with fungal meningitis
Update of usp drug testing reference strain atcc 2601
Enteric protozoa dna reference materials for multiplex rt pcr
Accelerate your leishmania detection assay development
Take control of your clostridium difficile research
Atcc high titer purified respiratory syncytial virus new
Atcc microbial panels new releases
Atcc pulsed field type mrsa panel now available
Atcc viral nucleic acids tools for assay verification
Atcc methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus mrsa panels new
Atcc introduces the vancomycin resistant enterococci vre panel
Haitian cholera outbreak strain now available from atcc
Atcc now offers klebsiella pneumoniae superbug ndm 1
Atcc achieves accreditation as a reference material producer
Atcc standards resource boosted by support from clsi
Atcc launches web based standards search tool
Qc organisms from atcc licensed derivative program

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