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ATCC Enterococcus faecalis Quantitative DNA Standard for Water Testing

Enterococcus faecalis is a gram-positive cocci commonly isolated from the intestines of humans and animals. The presence of E. faecalis in water is one of the most widely accepted indicators of fecal pollution and the potential presence of enteric pathogens.

EPA Method 1611 describes a rapid procedure that measures the large subunit ribosomal RNA (lsrRNA, 23S rRNA) target sequences from all known species of Enterococci in water. The Enterococcus faecalis Quantitative DNA Standard (ATCC® 29212Q-FZ™) was developed to meet the unique needs of this qPCR-based Method by providing a set of 4 DNA dilutions at known concentrations.

Kit Components

ATCC® 29212Q-FZ™ is provided as a kit comprised of four vials (100 µL each), containing:
  • Dilution 1 - 40,000 TSC* per 5 µL
  • Dilution 2 - 4,000 TSC* per 5 µL
  • Dilution 3 - 400 TSC* per 5 µL
  • Dilution 4 - 40 TSC* per 5 µL
The Enterococcus faecalis Quantitative DNA Standard is useful for establishing calibration curves to measure the performance of assay platforms used in nucleic acid-based testing.

Analysis of ATCC® 29212Q-FZ™

DNA standard dilutions were analyzed on the ABI7500DX platform using TaqMan® Environmental Master Mix 2.0 (Life Technologies, Cat. No. 4396838); threshold was adjusted to 0.03. Copy numbers determined for the current lot of ATCC® 29212Q-FZ™ are shown in the figures provided. DNA copy number may vary depending on the quantitation method used.

Dilution No. Vial No. TSC/ Reaction Ct Value 
1 888-001 40000 21.138 ± 0.120
2 888-002 4000 24.328 ± 0.086
3 888-003 400 27.910 ± 0.110
4 888-004 40 32.006 ± 0.282

NOTE: This item is from our 'historic' database and may contain information which is not up to date.

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Posted on June 4, 2013