With about twenty years of experience, Indicia brings customised solutions to life science industries.  Indicia's Metis is an ultra-rapid microbial testing solution using flow cytometry for industrial quality control in the food and cosmetic industries.


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METIS has developed proprietary fluorescent mixes for viable micro-organisms labeling as Bacteria, Yeast, and Molds, and offers around 30 protocols adapted to various food, beverage, and cosmetic samples.

The METIS rapid microbiology solutions deliver sensitive and reliable contamination results, from 24 hours for industrial microbiology QC, enabling faster product release.

The easy to use protocols and equipment are also very flexible allowing the processing of over 500 tests in a 7 hours shift.

By reducing the cost of waste at laboratory level, by limiting contamination recovery costs at production level and by decreasing inventory costs for the supply chain, Metis offers the ultimate solution to enhance your profitability without compromising your product safety.

Metis solution is a rapid method for microbiological testing using flow cytometry for Quality Control in the food and cosmetic industries. We make it possible to release your product more quickly with maximum reliability and can free-up as much as 20% of your storage area.

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