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Puritan Dry Transport Tubes

Dry Transport Tubes

Manufacturer: Puritan Medical Products Co.

Principle: Sterile and convenient specimen collection and transport device

Automation: NO

Approvals: ISO 13485: 2016 • FDA GMP’s • CE Marked • Certificate of sterility and/or conformance available with each shipment upon request

Suitability: Specimen collection device in dry transport tube

Capital equipment required: NO


Puritan’s dry transport systems are a convenient way to collect and transport specimens from the patient to the laboratory. Dry transport tubes hold a swab in a round bottom tube made from virgin polypropylene resin, creating a safe and sterile environment to accommodate many different styles of collection devices.

Key Points:
  • Specimen collection and screening
  • Wound care
  • Cell collection for testing and screening
  • Rapid diagnostic testing
  • Shelf life 3 years
  • Made in USA




Company contact details:

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United States

Website: Visit Website
Tel: +1 207 876-3311