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Milliflex Oasis® System

Milliflex Oasis Filtration System for Bioburden Testing
Milliflex Oasis Filtration System for Bioburden Testing

Principle: Membrane filtration, widely used and recommended by global pharmacopeias, is the method of choice for water and bioburden testing in the pharmaceutical industry.

Automation: No

Approvals: Compliant with USP (US Pharmacopoeia), Ph. Eur., and JP (Japanese Pharmacopoeia) recommendations

Suitability: Bioburden testing, water testing

Capital equipment required: No


Not only comfortable to use, the Milliflex Oasis® system is relaxing for your mind: 96 new features take care of all that matters in productivity—reliability of results and regulatory compliance.

We offer you a complete solution, including services, for a secured workflow with the highest throughput capability:


  • All-in-one filtration equipment
  • Ready-to-use sterilized filtration units
  • Pharmacopeia-compliant culture media

Key Points:

The Milliflex Oasis® filtration system for water and bioburden testing comes with a great number of features to create a more efficient workflow. These new features increase the ease of your bioburden testing – from productivity, reliability, as well as regulatory compliance.


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