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C4Hydro Legionella Water Test (by Diamidex)

C4 Hydro Diamidex rapid Legionella water test mobile lab
C4Hydro Legionella Water Test

Principle: Rapid detection kits for culturable Legionella pneumophila in 48H

Automation: No

Suitability: Low to medium sample throughput / private individuals and professionals alike / 1 test kit for 1 water sample

Capital equipment required: Mini-Lab by C4Hydro


The Legionella Water Test Kit allows rapid detection of culturable Legionella pneumophila, all serogroups, from 10 CFU/mL in all water samples. Based on patented technology, it provides results in 48 hours instead of 10-14 days in the laboratory.

The test works with 2 elements:

  • The Mini-Lab: a pocket laboratory (reusable and compatible with other test kits)
  • One Legionella Water Test Kit which contains the patented reagents that reveal the bacteria.

After sampling, the bacteria are enclosed in a portable mini incubator that reproduces laboratory culture conditions.

After 48h of incubation time, the result is simple to read and operates via the reading of a strip: 1 line negative, 2 lines positive.

Key Points:
  • Based on the culturing of L. pneumophila  allowing lab-quality results
  • Fast and reliable results in 48h only
  • Autonomy: easy to conduct and to carry
  • Simplified scientific protocol adapted for use by all: no special scientific knowledge required
  • Suitable for routine and emergency control (threshold 10 CFU/mL)
  • Suitable for all domestic water network samples (showers, taps, spas, misting systems, wells, cisterns, water tanks…)
  • Using a patented technology with international scientific recognition 

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