Charles River Endosafe Trillium rCR cartridges

KwikCount™ MF EC

KwikCount MF EC

Principle: Detect E.coli in 7-10 hours under long-wave UV light

Automation: No

Approvals: EPA

Suitability: For fast detection of E.coli 

Capital equipment required: Yes


Sterile pipettes, Petri dishes, Membranes Filters, Vacuum pump or equivalent - Available from Roth Bioscience LLC - Forceps, Long-wave UV Light


KwikCount works similar to other, membrane filter (MF) media, following the standard methodology using a membrane filtration device. However, unlike other membrane filter mediums, KwikCount results can be read in 7-10 hours of incubation at 41±0.5°C under long-wave UV light.

Key Points:
  • EPA Approved for beach waters
  • Results in as little as 7 hours under long-wave UV light
  • Extremely accurate and easy-to-understand results
  • Free technical support at any step of the process
  • 1 bottle has enough media for 10 tests
  • E. coli will show up as fluorescent dots only visible under UV light


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