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10th October 2023  Content supplied by: Roth Bioscience, LLC

USEPA-Approved KwikCount® EC MF & R-CARD® KwikCount® EC: Different Methods, Same Results For E.coli

The KwikCount® EC MF Method, which was used for obtaining USEPA approval, requires a 47mm sterile Petri Dish, absorbent pad, and micropore membrane filter. The protocol involves depositing sterile nutrient broth in the bottom of the Petri Dish, filtering the aqueous sample through a micropore membrane filter, and incubating it at 41°±.5 C for 8 hours.

The R-CARD® KwikCount® EC is a simpler, time-saving, and less expensive way to achieve the same results as the USEPA-approved method. The R-CARD® KwikCount® EC contains the same formulation of nutrients as the 20 mL bottle of liquid included in the KwikCount® EC MF Method.

There are two ways to use the R-CARD®: filtering the sample with the same micropore filter, diluting it in sterile water, and incubating the sample in a darkroom. However, these methods are not included in the USEPA-approved Method for Ambient Water.

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Date Published: 10th October 2023

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