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iQ-Check® Real-Time PCR Solution - Walk-Away Automation

Automated Real-Time PCR for Food Pathogens

Manufacturer: Bio-Rad Laboratories, S.A.

Principle: real-time PCR

Automation: Fully automated

Approvals: Various depending on assay - includes AOAC-RI, NordVal, Health Canada, NF Validation

Suitability: Suitable for high throughput food and environmental pathogen testing labs

Capital equipment required: YES

Description: The iQ-Check Solution takes full advantage of real-time PCR to provide a fast and reliable method for food and environmental pathogen testing. It is a complete, flexible, and open solution, allowing industrial microbiology laboratories quick control and reaction in their quality assurance procedures.
Key Points:
  • Screen for Listeria spp, Salmonella, or other target as part of your environmental monitoring program or HACCP plan
  • Benefit from short enrichment protocols for Salmonella, STEC, and E. coli O157:H7 detection in raw meat
  • Detect threshold levels of Salmonella in poultry and rinse samples
  • Use optimized and simple protocols for difficult matrices, such as spices or cocoa product
  • Confirm suspect colonies on RAPID'Chromogenic Media
  • Increase efficiency using our fully automated iQ-Check Prep System
  • Take advantage of the open software and system (GMOs, allergens, or norovirus detection)


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