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EnviroMax® & EnviroMax Plus® Sampling Swabs

Enviromax and EnviroMax Plus Sampling Swabs

Manufacturer: Puritan Medical Products Co.

Principle: Large surface sampling, or equipment parts

Automation: NO

Approvals: ISO 13485: 2016 • FDA GMP’s • CE Marked • Certificate of sterility and/or conformance available with each shipment upon request

Suitability: Environmental surface sampling and food safety

Capital equipment required: NO


EnviroMax® and EnviroMax Plus® - are the ultimate in environmental sampling and food testing applications from the swab experts at Puritan. We spent time in the marketplace with different end users from food production to cosmetics to pharmaceutical firms.  The result, a large, firm foam-tipped swab found in our EnviroMax®/EnviroMax Plus® lines.

Key Points:
  • For sampling surfaces or large equipment parts
  • Perfect for spot checks
  • Convenient dry or pre-moistened swab
  • Quick-turn-open leak resistant cap
  • Swab securely attached to cap
  • Rigid foam paddle tip, round or pointed
  • White handle and swab tip
  • Oversized foam tip increases sample and elution counts
  • Puritan EnviroMax®/ EnviroMax  Plus® brand
  • Shelf life - 12months
  • Available sterile or non-sterile
  • Made in USA


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