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12 Well Reagent Reservoirs

12 well reagent reservoirs

Principle: Multichannel pipetting

Automation: No

Suitability: Transfers 8 or 12 samples simultaneously and is also perfect for serial dilutions

Capital equipment required: No


This 12 channel reservoir is especially useful for transferring 8 or 12 different samples simultaneously into an entire row or column of a 96 well plate with a multichannel pipette, as the 9 mm reservoir well spacing matches plate spacing.

It is also perfect for performing serial dilutions; a single channel pipette can be used to complete a 12 well dilution within the reservoir, or individual samples can be added to each well, and then transferred and diluted within a microplate.

Key Points:
  • SureFlo™ array prevents pipette tips from sealing off and stops liquid from ‘popping’ into tips, filters, or even the pipette
  • The anti-sealing pattern allows the liquid to flow evenly across the bottom of the reservoir
  • Inert hydrophilic surface treatment prevents liquid from pooling
  • The result is the lowest dead volume regardless of the application
  • Compatible with 1, 8 and 12 channel pipettes


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