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Test type: Salmonella Enteritidis

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SS-14028 Salmonella enterica Typhimurium Snap-Stick™

A traceable pure culture of S. enterica Typhimurium packaged in easy to use inoculating swab stick.  Strain ID is NCTC 12023 and also known as ATCC 14028.  Transparent packaging with a simple snap valve design releases hydration fluid with a press of the plastic valve stem.  Culture pellet supplied

61-00029 Salmonella enterica Abony Certified Reference Material

Salmonella enterica Abony quantitative positive control certified reference material for laboratories performing USP 61/62 analytical methods. Strain ID is NCTC 6017 also designated WDCM 00029. Each Microgel Flash™ pellet is formulated using our proprietary Microgel-Flash quick dissolve matrix and delivers <100cfu per 100uL inoculum after hydration in 1.5mL supplied sterile peptone

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