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Microbiology Buyer Directory : Food & Beverage

Sector: Food & Beverage

Test type: Proficiency Testing Schemes

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Achieve Confidence in Microbiology Testing

NSI is a globally trusted brand for laboratory quality control standards and proficiency tests. Use of Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) and Proficiency Tests (PT) Standards on a routine basis to monitor analytical performance will defensibly document data quality and support accreditation requirements.

Proficiency Testing for Quantitative and Qualitative Test Performance

PT samples have to be right. Your laboratory's accreditation is at stake, so anything less than 100% confidence is just not good enough. That's why we are proud to offer NSI ISO-17034 accredited proficiency testing for Environmental, Food Science, and Cannabis labs. Scheduled PT are available throughout the year.

Innovative Food Chemistry & Microbiology PT Studies

Elevate your confidence in food safety testing with PT studies designed for your convenience and success. Meet FSMA laboratory accreditations for analysis of food requirements with NSI’s lineup of products.

Surface: Microbiological Proficiency Testing

BIPEA offers three PT programs in the field of hygiene that enables laboratories to detect and enumerate microbiological parameters on surfaces: PT 101a is a quantification PTS: It offers one contaminated stainless steel plate sample, and laboratories will be able to analyse the parameter of Total Viable Count. PT 101

Food and Beverage: Microbiological Proficiency Testing

BIPEA organizes accredited microbiological proficiency testing schemes in the fields of food and beverage. These PT programs are designed to meet the requirements of laboratories that need to check that the accuracy of their sample testing is as good as the results of their routine analysis. Real samples

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Emerald Scientific Inc.