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Influenza A and B Viruses Real-Time PCR

Bioperfectus Technologies Influenza A And B Viruses Real-Time PCR Kit is an in vitro diagnostic test, based on real-time PCR technology, for the detection of Influenza A and B Viruses RNA. Samples can be obtained from throat swab, nasal and pharyngeal secretions and cell culture supernatant.

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Atik Cameras
CD Microarray
Co-Diagnostics, Inc.
GenMark Diagnostics
GenoSensor Corp.
Gnomegen LLC
Guangdong WESAIL Biotech Co., Ltd.
Hologic Inc.
Miraclean Technology Co., Ltd
Molzym GmbH & Co.KG
OSANG Healthcare
PCR Biosystems
Procomcure Biotech
Rapid Labs Ltd.
RTA Laboratories/Dianova
ScienCell Laboratories