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20th November 2012  Content supplied by: NuAire, Inc.

Working Safely in your NuAire Biological Safety Cabinet Presentation/DVD

Laboratory equipment manufacturer NuAire releases a new "Working Safely in your NuAire Biological Safety Cabinet" online presentation and DVD. The presentation consists of 7 Chapters, 8 videos in all to teach technicians, researchers, scientists, certifiers, and more the basic concepts of biological safety cabinets.

  • Understand a biological safety cabinet works and operations.
  • Learn the proper steps to take before you begin your research.
  • Acquire basic work skills while within the work zone to minimize air disruptions.
  • Find the latest ergonomic advancements in biosafety cabinet design.
  • Know what to do after you have completed your research.
  • Acquire the basic knowledge on biological safety cabinet certification based on NSF/ASNI standard 49.

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Date Published: 20th November 2012

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