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19th February 2024  Content supplied by: bioMérieux (Industry)

Why is BACT/ALERT® The Method of Choice for Rapid Sterility Testing?

SIMPLE, PROVEN, TRUSTED.  It just works.

With just minutes of hands on-time, BACT/ALERT® makes it easy to quickly test at any point of your process. And because no technical skill or specialized lab is required, testing can be moved closer to production. Sterility testing with BACT/ALERT requires only 2 components: the BACT/ALERT 3D system and the media bottles.  This solution provides ultimate flexibility:

  • Its dual temperature capabilities allow you to adapt testing to the specificities of your products, ensuring optimized detection of bacteria, yeasts, and molds.
  • The BACT/ALERT system’s modularity allows you to configure your system to meet your throughput needs.
  • With BACT/ALERT you can add samples whenever you want. Its on-demand testing and automated reading gives you flexibility in your testing schedule.

Only 3 steps are required to perform the test:

  1. Inject the sample into the BACT/ALERT bottle.
  2. Scan the unique barcode that ensures traceability.
  3. Load the bottle anywhere in the instrument. Once loaded, the BACT/ALERT will continuously monitor for contamination.

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BACT/ALERT’s automation standardizes your sterility testing by simplifying the training process and facilitates implementation across different manufacturing sites. Automation removes subjectivity, reduces human error, and increases traceability. 21 CFR part 11 enabled software ensures data integrity and audit readiness.

Contact your bioMérieux representative to learn how you can join the industrial BACT/ALERT community of more than 1400 systems worldwide. Alternatively, click on the Request Information button below to email the company directly.

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Date Published: 19th February 2024

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