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1st February 2019  Content supplied by: Hygiena International Ltd

Using PCR to Detect Specific Contaminants

For food manufacturers and processors, rapidly identifying a possible pathogen is essential to maintaining a secure pipeline and making economic decisions on food safety.

The Hygiena BAX® System detects unwanted bacteria in raw ingredients, finished products, and environmental samples. Introduced more than 20 years ago, the BAX System was the first DNA-based detection method for the food industry. Now, the automated, user friendly system backed by decades of real customer data is even easier to operate, utilizing real-time and/or traditional uses Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) assays, tableted reagents, and optimized media to minimize hands-on time and free technicians for other tasks.

BAX System can be utilized for routine testing with the confidence of using the same method adopted by the USDA Food Safety & Inspection Service (FSIS). With a robust list of both real-time and end-point assays globally validated for a wide variety of foods and environmental sample types, the BAX® System Q7 is sure to meet the demands of food processors across the entire supply chain.

Find out more about BAX System PCR Assays at www.hygiena.com/bax-assays

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Date Published: 1st February 2019

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