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29th August 2017  Content supplied by: SMi Group

Two Workshops on Cleanrooms and Modern QC Microbiology Lab

Pharmaceutical Microbiologist experts and senior technical manager will host two interactive half-day post-conference workshops at this year’s Pharmaceutical Microbiology East Coast conference when it returns to North America this fall.

SMi Group is delighted to announce this year’s workshop leaders, Vanessa Vasadi-Figueroa, Consulting Partner / Pharmaceutical Microbiologist, Robert Ferer, Consulting Partner / Strategic Practice Lead, Quality Executive Partners, Inc. and Jim Polarine, Senior Technical Service Manager, STERIS Corporation.

This year’s leader will provide further insight with dedicated interactive sessions to get to grips with the most challenging pharmaceutical microbiology issues.

Navigating the requirements of a modern QC Microbiology Laboratory | Wednesday November 15th, 2017 | 08.30 – 12.30 This workshop will introduce ideas for blending traditional microbiology with the cutting-edge methodologies that are available to the industry, both inside the laboratory and on the manufacturing floor for routine monitoring programs. It will also provide practical approaches for common laboratory issues surrounding implementation of alternative technologies, data integrity and analyst training.

This workshop is designed to inspire and motivate the attendee for understanding the evolution of microbiological methods in pharmaceutical manufacturing, and basic expectations for building quality into the product.

Contamination Control in Cleanrooms | Wednesday November 15th, 2017 | 13.30 – 17.30 Staying ahead of the curve with contamination control requires an understanding and an anticipation of the constantly changing microbial climate of the pharmaceutical manufacturing process. Knowing the characteristics of the environments in that process provides the benefit of allowing microbiologist to predict and solve potential future microbial control issues.

Throughout this workshop, Jim will discuss pathways to use the data obtained from environmental monitoring to provide proactive and practical solutions for comprehending and managing everyday pharmaceutical microbiology challenges. This workshop will cover case studies on human flora and spore contamination in cleanroom operations. Solutions will be discussed to proactively present future contamination issues.

This industry workshop will give attendees valuable insight into the world of contamination control and troubleshooting fungal and bacterial spore excursions in cleanrooms. Attendees will gain new insight into common causes of CAPA investigations which will cut down on time that is invested finding potential causes for contamination which can cost an organization $50,000 per investigation.

This year’s conference will gather a global audience of scientific leaders, funding bodies and drug development experts, providing a focal point to discuss funding opportunities and clinical advancements in microbial control strategies and quality methods.

The notable speaker line-up at Pharmaceutical Microbiology East Coast will also include Microbiology Consulting, LLC, Genentech, GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson & Johnson, Eli Lily, Sanofi Pasteur and many more!

The full speaker line-up and conference agenda is available online at www.microbiologyeastcoast.com/rapidmicrobio

Pharmaceutical Microbiology East Coast 2017 is sponsored by Charles River


Date Published: 29th August 2017

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