Turbo Mode Enhances High Throughput Petri Dish Filling

MEDIAJET high throughput petri dish fillingMedia preparation labs can now benefit from the introduction by INTEGRA of a new Turbo mode option which significantly accelerates the filling rates of its MEDIAJET Automated Petri Dish Filling System and results in time-savings of more than 40%. With this option, the MEDIAJET sets new filling rate standards for high throughput Petri dish filling.

Enabling labs to fill up to 1100 Petri dishes / hour or deep dishes with high volumes of media (up to 60ml / dish) the MEDIAJET Turbo mode enhances both productivity and operational flexibility. Existing MEDIAJET users can also benefit from this new feature simply by updating to firmware version (V02.10) and purchasing the Turbo mode kit.

The excellent reliability and true automation provided by the MEDIAJET Automated Petri Dish Filling System significantly reduces operational downtime and labour costs associated with traditional dish filling systems. A unique media spread function provides the most efficient use of media through ensuring homogeneous distribution and an even surface. Careful regulation of the media level in each Petri dish provides up to 30% savings on media use compared to some traditional systems.

To learn more about the MEDIAJET Turbo mode option please visit
www.integra-biosciences.com/mail/2011_12_05_Launch_MJ_Turbo-mode/MEDIAJET_Turbo_mode.WMV or
contact INTEGRA on +41-81-286-9530 / info@integra-biosciences.com (Europe / Asia Pacific) or +1-603-578-5800 / contact@viaflo.com (North / South America).


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