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19th September 2022  Content supplied by: Bluephage

The New European Drinking Water Directive Requires Testing for Coliphages

Somatic coliphages are viruses shed by faeces and are useful faecal indicators because they don't replicate in wastewater without infecting host bacteria and will determine if the raw starting water contains them at > 50 plate-forming units per 100 mL aliquot.

Bluephage Easy Kits BP1601 (from 1 to 10 mL of sample) and BP1604 (100 mL) are all-in-one kits with calibrated and ready-to-use biological materials and media (MSA and MSB) to save time and resources for coliphage analysis according to the ISO 10705-2 protocol.

Find out more about the Bluephage Easy Kit 1604 or click on the Request Information button below to contact the supplier.

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Date Published: 19th September 2022

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