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7th January 2019  Content supplied by: Merck Millipore

The Evolution of Sterility Testing

Products such as injectables that are administered by bypassing most of the body's natural defences must be sterile or they may cause severe harm to recipients. Sterility is monitored to ensure the sterility of samples from pharmaceutical products including IV bags, pre-filled syringes, large vials and glass ampoules.

Merck’s expertise in sterility testing goes back more than 40 years and, since the invention of the original Steritest™ closed filtration system, we have been providing the most innovative tools and expertise, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your samples will be tested reliably.

Sterility testing by membrane filtration is the industry standard in sterility testing. We offer a full portfolio to cover the entire sterility testing workflow, including closed filtration devices, media, fluids, pumps, and accessories along with our high-quality services and training. In addition, our filtration units can also be used with challenging samples such as those showing growth inhibition or samples that are difficult to filter or require dissolution in solvents.

At Merck, we continuously strive to make sterility testing safer and easier. Our latest Steritest™ NEO filtration device - the 4th generation - offers improved ergonomics, reliability, convenience and increased safety.

Upgrades to improve your sterility testing workflow:

  • Colored clamps for differentiating media
  • Improved ergonomics and testing accuracy
  • Peel and stick labels for maximum traceability

Take a step further with Steritest™ NEO devices and find out more by visiting

Discover our full range of sterility testing solutions at


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Date Published: 7th January 2019

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