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20th June 2023  Content supplied by: INTEGRA Biosciences AG

Telltale Signs That Mean You Need to Switch to a Benchtop Liquid Handling System

INTEGRA Biosciences has developed a comprehensive article exploring the key benefits of electronic benchtop liquid handling systems, as well as the telltale signs that indicate it's time to make the switch, to help you make the transition to a more efficient, accurate and user-friendly pipetting solution.

INTEGRA offers a range of innovative benchtop liquid handling systems – from the MINI 96 electronic pipette and VIAFLO 96 and VIAFLO 384 handheld electronic pipettes to the ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot – that are designed to fit any budget, workspace and experiment. These liquid handlers offer a range of benefits to laboratories frustrated with tedious manual tasks, including:

  • faster sample processing and throughput
  • increased walk-away time
  • improved protocol reproducibility
  • reduced risk of aches and pains
  • lower labor costs
  • enhanced capacity for future growth

Whether your lab is seeking improved precision or a more streamlined workflow, upgrading to an electronic or automated benchtop platform can revolutionize your research. Learn more about the benefits of implementing an INTEGRA liquid handling system here or emai the company directly by using the Request Informatin button.

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Date Published: 20th June 2023

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