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20th June 2016  Content supplied by: Biosynth AG

Swiss Biosynth Acquires Majority in Organic Chemistry Specialist TAU-CHEM

Back in February of this year the Biosynth group opened a new sales office in Bratislava. Today, the company announced the acquisition of a majority stake in the Slovak chemical specialty manufacturer TAU-CHEM s.r.o. also based in Bratislava. With this acquisition Biosynth expands its presence in the European Union and establishes a growth platform in an investment friendly and competitive environment.

Dr. Urs Spitz, President of Biosynth said “Since both companies have been working together on joint projects for several years already, this acquisition seems like a natural consequence.”

“This partnership gives us immediate access to the global distribution network and to the active international marketing competency of Biosynth” noted Dr. Vladimír Žvak, CEO of TAU-CHEM.

Innovative products from TAU-CHEM will be accessible to Biosynth’s large customer base and the extensive Biosynth chemicals catalog will be enriched by some of TAU-CHEM’s unique products. The shareholders intend to further increase TAU-CHEM’s production capacity, invest in R&D and intensify TAU-CHEM’s long term cooperation with Slovak universities.


Date Published: 20th June 2016

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