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31st January 2022  Content supplied by: bioMérieux (Industry)

Strengthen Cell and Gene Therapy Production with Smart Quality Testing

Developing cell and gene therapies presents many challenges. Low-production volume, short shelf life, temperature sensitivity, complex raw materials, tracking, and data integrity, scalability, and patient demands must all be taken into consideration.

Adding rapid and easy-to-use technologies to your operations bring overall efficiencies to the manufacturing process through both simplified workflows and accurate, actionable results to ensure patient safety.

Watch this short video to find out how bioMérieux’s simple, fast and accurate detection solutions allow labs to test for contamination at every stage of the production process.

Improve chain of custody and increase patient safety

The chain of custody required to ensure the right patient receives the right therapy can be challenging.  Our solutions not only deliver rapid results but also reduce risk of human error with barcode scanning and traceability.

Move testing closer to manufacturing

Our simple workflows with little hands-on time reduce the need for extensive expertise and training to get an objective, rapid, and accurate result. This allows you to decentralize your lab testing and move it closer to the manufacturing suite. 

Stay in compliance

New regulations have been written specifically to support the use of rapid methods for  the quality control of  products with short shelf lives such as advanced cell therapies. biomérieux offers full validation support and technical staff to back you every step of the way.

Visit our website for more information about biomérieux's easy to use rapid methods or ask for details using the green "Request Information" button below.

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Date Published: 31st January 2022

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