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16th November 2015  Content supplied by: Cleaver Scientific Ltd

Sterile Workspace for Preparation of RNA & DNA Samples

Sterile workspace for RNA DNA preparationsCleaver Scientific has supplied a UV Sterilization Cabinet to Touchlight Genetics (Hampton, UK) who had sought a sterile workspace for the preparation of their RNA and DNA samples and templates.

Touchlight Genetics Ltd. is a rapidly expanding UK biotech company that has developed an entirely enzymatic process of DNA synthesis that is fast, efficient and has a yield that can easily meet growing demand for DNA. The company's dbDNA™ expression cassettes eliminate the need for bacterial sequences and antibiotic resistance genes in the production of biological therapies, satisfying stated concerns from the industry’s main regulatory bodies – the FDA and EMA. This novel technology promises to provide a near-term manufacturing solution to a key bottleneck in the production of innovative therapies.

Commenting on the implementation of the UV sterilisation cabinet in their laboratories, Dr Lydia Hunter, a research scientist at Touchlight Genetics said "We have made good use of our UV Sterilisation Cabinet from Cleaver Scientific, which enables us to prepare our RNA and DNA samples and templates in a clean, safe and contained environment. Touchlight Genetics would highly recommend this product and Cleaver Scientific as a supplier as their customer service has been excellent. Cleaver Scientific has been extremely supportive in ensuring their product is well maintained and meets our requirements".

The CleanView range of UV Sterilisation Cabinets from Cleaver Scientific, provide a sterile contained environment for the preparation and manipulation of sensitive biological samples. Acting as a low cost alternative to a clean room, powerful UV lights in the cabinet are used to denature nucleic acids in 5 to 30 minutes making them unsuitable for amplification. White light provides excellent visibility when working within the cabinet.

Cleaver UV sterilisation cabinets incorporate safety features to prevent user exposure to UV light; the UV lights are timer controlled, and there are safety switches on the cabinets doors which automatically turn the UV lights off when opened. The cabinet also acts as an efficient shield from radioactive beta emissions, and can therefore be safely used with isotopes such as 32P.

For further information about UV sterilisation cabinets please visit or contact Cleaver Scientific on +44-1788-565300 /

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Date Published: 16th November 2015

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