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7th February 2020  Content supplied by: Alpha Laboratories Ltd

Shift to Paradigm™ Low-Retention Tips

2007_Alpha_LowRetentionTipsParadigm tips administer a virtually clean sample release, guaranteeing that you’ll spend minimal time waiting for the last drop to fall from the tip. Maintain complete control, even when you’re working with smaller volumes, without compromising the accuracy of your pipetting.

The innovation begins with a proprietary resin that ensures the sample will not bind to the tip so it is dispensed completely. Physical design characteristics like thin walls and a finely tapered tip point, facilitate sample release and eliminate the need to touch off the pipette tip.

The Paradigm™ low-retention range of non-filter reload, and filter tips featuring Aerogard® technology, truly epitomises the perfect pipetting experience. Due to their Universal design, the tips are compatible with a variety of popular pipette brands and models, including the alpha+ range of pipettes.

Choose Paradigm for precision and accuracy whilst reducing the loss of your precious samples. Get 30% off these new low retention tips from Alpha Laboratories using offer code LV204 (offer valid until the end of April 2020).

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Date Published: 7th February 2020

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