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22nd November 2016  Content supplied by: Sekisui Diagnostics, LLC

Sekisui OSOM® Ultra Flu A&B Test Using Swab Samples

Sekisui Diagnostics have announced the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) Waiver status for the OSOM® Ultra Flu A&B Test using swab samples.

The OSOM® Ultra Flu A&B Test delivers fast, accurate results in 10-15 minutes by utilizing a simple procedure across multiple sample types, including nasal swabs, nasopharyngeal swabs, and in moderate settings, nasopharyngeal aspirate/wash. The performance of the OSOM® kit by users at CLIA waived sites was measured against the preferred standard of polymerase chain reaction (PCR), with a Positive Percent Agreement of 89.2% for Flu A and 86.4% for Flu B and Negative Percent Agreement of 99.4% for Flu A and 99.0% for Flu B.

Along with influenza, Sekisui Diagnostics provides a broad line of OSOM® rapid tests for Strep A, Mononucleosis, Trichomonas, Bacterial Vaginosis, Helicobacter pylori, hCG and Fecal Occult Blood.  Sekisui’s expanding Point-of-Care product line also includes the FastPack® IP System, which offers a convenient, rapid, decentralized testing solution for Vitamin D, Testosterone, PSA, Free PSA, TSH, Free T4, and hCG.

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Date Published: 22nd November 2016

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