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3rd April 2023  Content supplied by: Himedia Laboratories Pvt. Ltd

Safety and Convenience With HiMedia’s Granulated Culture Media

HiMedia’s granulated culture media combine the high throughput technology of granulation and the production of dehydrated culture media. The effective media has similar qualitative attributes to that of powdered dehydrated culture media with several added benefits in physical parameters.

Uniform blends of culture media
Individual components of dehydrated culture media tend to segregate in transport or handling because of the difference in their particle size, shape and density. Granulated media form uniform homogenous consistency, which eliminates segregation and facilitates consistent analysis.

Superior flow properties
Most of the culture media components are hygroscopic and granulation tends to minimize this issue. A flow rate of granular media is better than powder media and it could also prevent bridging and caking issues associated with powder media.

Control of media aerosols
Dust/Powder is generally difficult to handle in culture media preparation and may pose health-related issues to the microbiologist upon exposure to the media aerosols. Antibiotics and several other selective agents used in various media preparations may result in allergic responses and several other health issues in various parts of the body. These are effectively controlled in granulated form.

Higher bulk density
Increased bulk density has been shown to have improved the packaging, storage and transport of dehydrated culture media.

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Date Published: 3rd April 2023

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