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30th June 2022  Content supplied by: BioProbe Diagnostics

Results of Large-Scale Bio Lp-1 Customer Trials Revealed in Webinar

Bio Lp-1 is designed to detect and identify Legionella species, L. pneumophila sg1-16 and L. pneumophila sg1 directly from water samples without a requirement to culture the microorganisms on traditional microbiological plates. As such reducing testing time associated with traditional Legionella testing methods from up to 14 days to less than 2.5 hours.

As part of the customer trial phase and on behalf of BioProbe Diagnostics, Tentamus Group laboratory, Laboratorio Control, conducted large-scale experiments which tested Legionella in water samples using both Bio Lp-1 and the traditional culture method

Join this webinar (or register to receive a recording afterward) to learn about the findings.

Thursday 14th July 2022 at 14.00 (IST) UTC + 1.

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Date Published: 30th June 2022

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