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6th February 2024  Content supplied by: Cherwell Laboratories Ltd

Redipor® Beta Bags to Support Continuous Manufacturing of Sterile Medicinal Products

Cherwell, cleanroom microbiology solutions expert, has launched the Redipor® Beta Bag to ensure the safe transfer of ready-to-use gamma-irradiated prepared media into sterile manufacturing environments. This new multiple-use product transfer bag can reduce risk, cost and time in environmental monitoring (EM) processes during continuous manufacturing of sterile medicinal products.

Offered as a tailored solution, customers can specify the media, formulation and plate type contained within Redipor Beta Bags, depending on their sterile workflow needs. The new transfer bags are fully validated and compatible with 190mm Getinge Alpha Ports used in isolators and RABS, enabling contamination-free transfer of the Redipor plated media to maintain rapid production and significantly reduce risk.  

As the pharmacopoeia compliant media is gamma-irradiated within Redipor Beta Bags, this eliminates the time-consuming decontamination stage required during the standard transfer process of plated media into a sterile workspace for EM. Also streamlining processes, the bags can be attached to a Getinge Alpha Port up to four times without compromising integrity. Sleeves of plates can be stored in the bag and introduced as required, enabling continuous EM, freeing up isolator workspace, and minimising waste of plates and use of single-use plastic packaging.

“We developed our new Redipor Beta Bag to simplify our customers’ sterile workflows during EM programmes for their isolators, whilst optimising safety and efficiency,” said Andy Whittard, Managing Director, Cherwell. “To achieve this, we focused on three key factors during our design process: the contamination-free transfer of Redipor prepared sterile media; time and cost savings for our customers’ processes; and ease-of-use.”

Andy added, “Annex 1 is driving further risk reduction within the pharmaceutical sector. Product innovations, such as our Redipor Beta Bag range, will be needed to keep pace with these changing needs and give our customers a competitive advantage. This new product also supports sustainability initiatives as it reduces need for single-use plastic, use of harmful VHP, and unused plate wastage.”

The Company has created a short video to demonstrate how the Redipor Beta Bag truly simplifies customers’ workflows, giving processes greater adaptability, while ensuring maximum safety of products manufactured, and ultimately patients.

Cherwell provides a comprehensive range of Redipor prepared media options, with room temperature stability and long shelf-life, specifically designed for EM in controlled environments. The new Redipor Beta Bag, which is available with a GS1-compliant data matrix barcode, is a versatile addition to this well-established range, ensuring that the highest levels of production and patient safety is achieved.

For more information about Cherwell, please visit or use the Request Information button below to connect directly by email.

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Date Published: 6th February 2024

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