Puritan Enviromax and ESK for Surface Sampling

Rapid Detection of Respiratory Viruses

Influenza-like illnesses can be attributed to a wide variety of viruses, including Respiratory syncytial virus, Influenza viruses, Human rhinoviruses, and Coronaviruses. Patients infected by one or more of these pathogens often experience nonspecific, overlapping symptoms that make the infection clinically indistinguishable from those caused by other respiratory viruses.

As such, the clinical diagnosis of an influenza-like illness is often unreliable, thus presenting major challenges to administering proper therapeutic treatment and tracking viral epidemiology. Therefore, the ability for clinical laboratories to rapidly and accurately screen a large panel of viruses known to cause influenza-like illnesses is of great clinical importance.

To aid in the detection and analysis of these pathogens, ATCC offers a comprehensive array of products for use in respiratory disease research, including:

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Date Published: December 9, 2013 » company contact details
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