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12th May 2015  Content supplied by: Puritan Medical Products

Puritan’s Patented Flock Stands out in the Crowd — Set Apart by our Unique Fibers

Puritan's flocking process is proprietary...but our superior absorption and elution is no secret.

  •  HydraFlock® and PurFlock Ultra® flocked swabs offer higher collection capacity compared with conventional nylon-flocked swabs.
  • Opti-Swab™ Liquid Amies Collection & Transport System, previously known as Puritan Liquid Amies Transport System.  With HydraFlock® for optimal results in the collection and transport of clinically significant bacteria.
  • UniTranz-RT™ Media Transport System are offered with our PurFlock Ultra® swabs and are versatile in collecting virus, chlamydia, mycoplasma and ureaplasma samples and remain stable at room temperature.
  • Designed to assure the integrity of your sample, Puritan’s dry transport systems deliver — in the truest sense of the word!  Our injection-molded caps hold the swab in place, and the round-bottom tube, made from virgin polypropylene resin, provides a safe and sterile environment for your sample.

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Date Published: 12th May 2015

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