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2nd December 2021  Content supplied by: bioMérieux (Industry)

Protect Your Data Integrity with BIOBALL®

Protect your data integrity with repeatable accuracy and precision.

While the two words are often used interchangeably, accuracy and precision are two separate concepts in the scientific sense. Measurements close to a known value are accurate, whereas measurements close to each other are precise. When it comes to microbiological quality control, you need both—accurate results mean your tests are on target, and precise results mean they’re repeatable every time.

As few as four simple steps to improved quality control.

Unlike other products on the market, BIOBALL® can be used straight from the freezer, which means no acclimatization period or heating of rehydration fluid. The proprietary lyo-protectant in BIOBALL dissolves immediately when rehydrated, reducing hands-on time and improving lab efficiency.

  1. Plate
  2. Rehydrate
  3. Spread, dry, & incubate
  4. Enumerate

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Date Published: 2nd December 2021

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