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5th April 2016  Content supplied by: CDC

Possible Laboratory Acquired Salmonella Infection at CDC

CDC is investigating how one of its laboratory workers who was recently diagnosed with Salmonella infection may have acquired their infection due to work they performed in a BSL-2 laboratory. Salmonella is not a select agent. Preliminary laboratory tests indicate that the worker was infected with a strain of Salmonella which matched the strain being worked on in the lab.  The worker is well and back at CDC and, based on what we know now, no other staff were exposed. The worker had hands-on training by experienced microbiologists and completed all required safety training. The worker was following standard protocols to perform a basic procedure on a frozen sample in an effort to culture or grow the bacteria. The agency is investigating to see if additional safeguards are needed to prevent exposures when performing this procedure in the future

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Date Published: 5th April 2016

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