BIOTECON Expands PCR Portfolio for Food Testing

Biotecon food pathogen PCR kits

With the foodproof® SL product line BIOTECON Diagnostics GmbH expands its food safety portfolio with more than 25 new kits for special applications. The BIOTECON foodproof® SL Pathogen Kits provide rapid, accurate and sensitive detection of rare parameters, e.g. Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus cereus and Clostridium perfringens.

The foodproof® SL Animal Identification Kits, e.g. for horse, pork or sheep, provide increased precision in differentiating closely related species, as well as identifying intentional and accidental food fraud and contaminants in meat products.

The foodproof® SL kits for particular GMO events and Multiplex GMO detection offer a range of testing options for qualitative detection of undeclared GM ingredients in food and feed.

The foodproof® SL kits are especially tailored for infrequent parameters and therefore include just 50 reactions. Based on real-time PCR technology the kits provide specific DNA detection and high performance quality. The foodproof® SL 5’Nuclease kits are available for different real-time PCR platforms using TaqMan® technology. BIOTECON Diagnostics supplies the perfect match sample preparation for all foodproof® SL detection kits.

Tags: Bacillus cereus, Staphylococcus aureus, Clostridium perfringens, Meat Speciation, GMO

Date Published: January 28, 2014 » company contact details

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