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9th June 2020  Content supplied by: Omega Bio-Tek

Omega Bio-tek’s New Viral RNA Extraction Kit for COVID-19

Omega Bio-tek, Inc. has announced the launch of the Mag-Bind® Viral RNA Xpress Kit for the rapid and reliable isolation of Viral RNA from nasopharyngeal (NP) swab specimens that are dry or in viral transport media (VTM).  The new kit aims to combat the shortage of RNA purification kits, which is used in the first steps of COVID-19 testing.

The new magnetic bead-based extraction kit is adaptable to most liquid handling platforms for scalable, high-throughput purification.  Protocols are available for the Hamilton Microlab® STAR, Hamilton Microlab® MagEx STARlet, Hamilton Microlab® NIMBUS, Thermo  KingFisher™, Qiagen BioSprint®, Applied Biosystems MagMax® 96, and the Tecan DreamPrep™ NAP.   

The Mag-Bind Viral RNA Xpress Kit allows scientists to increase their purification throughput by reducing the number of reagents and protocol steps while allowing for efficient recovery of viral nucleic acids with minimal inhibitor carryover. Viral RNA purified using the Mag-Bind Viral RNA Xpress Kit is suitable for common downstream applications such as RT-qPCR.

For more information on the new Mag-Bind Viral RNA Xpress Kit, visit or use 'Request Information' button provided below. 



Date Published: 9th June 2020

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