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8th July 2019  Content supplied by: Hygiena International Ltd

New EnSURE™ Touch ATP, PCR (Salmonella Quantification) & Listeria Screening Test

Hygiena is introducing several exciting new products and solutions at IAFP:

  • The new EnSURE Touch, an advanced App-based ATP monitoring system that’s easier to use, provides 10 second results, measures ATP, enzymes and other inputs, and quickly stores data in the cloud.
  • Sal Quant, a RT-PCR method that provides enumeration of Salmonella in poultry. This new method, using the Hygiena BAX Q7 Real Time PCR system, is a marked improvement over MPN methods currently used.
  • A new line of allergen detection tests, which can determine small amounts of the most common allergens in food. These tests include GlutenTox Pro, which uses the G12 antibody to detect the most immunogenic sequences of the gluten protein complex.
  • Methods for detecting mycotoxin, THC, and pathogens in Hemp and Cannabis-infused foods.
  • New applications of the BAX System Real-Time PCR Assay to detect bacteria in a wide range of foods.
  • A new DNA cleanup kit to eliminate false-positive PCR results caused by external DNA contamination.
  • Improved screening test for Listeria in hygiene and environmental samples

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Date Published: 8th July 2019

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